Recom Farmhouse
CGI Rendering / Retouching

Recom FarmhouseRecom Farmhouse is a high-end CGI and retouching studio with studios in London, Berlin, Stuttgart, and one due to open in New York next year, working worldwide on projects covering everything from fashion and beauty retouching to full CGI car and product shots. With the flexibility that each job demands, Recom offers a complete workflow, advice for planning CGI productions, pre-visualisation on location, shooting of HDR spheres and creative direction. The company's strong background in photography, paired with creativity and skill as digital composers, enables it to smoothly collaborate with agencies and photographers alike to create (sur-)real, emotional visions rather than just standard soulless CGI. Recom regulalry collaborates with photographers including Blinkk, Paul Murphy, Tim Kent, Olaf Hauschulz, Christian Schmidt, Michael Schnabel, Anton Watts, Thomas Strogalski, Jeff Ludes, Holger Pooten, Franck Allais and Ralph Mecke.

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