Absolut - Restless Bar
Ron Arad Exhibition at the Barbican

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The Absolut Bar was designed for a the Ron Arad exhibition, Restless, at The Barbican. The bar was designed by Tom Foulsham and Valentin Vodev, sponsored by Absolut and made by Wildercreative.

The bar slowly rotates and makes a full 360-degree turn over 10 minutes. This slow rotation is initially not visible, so the onlookers are at first not aware of this motion. The idea is to surprise people with the subtle movement.
The engineering behind the movement is a low voltage bicycle wheel motor that rotates 360 degrees every 10 minutes.
The Absolut bar is easy to store away. It can be wheeled away and tilted 90 degrees to lean against a wall.

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Made at Mentmore by Wildercreative